Feel the Wind, the Storm …


_DSC2284 (3)

... let life

touch you,

go through you,

to be able

to let it go

in the end,

the very end,

but only

at the end,


not before!




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  1. Tempest sagt:

    Hat dies auf Tempest rebloggt.

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  2. J. A. Panian sagt:

    The sentiment here is SO much like a piece that I just submitted to a contest.
    Same wavelength.

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    1. This happens :o) … so one can’t read yours on your blog yet (which I REALLY like, btw ….)? Always curious about coincidences and/or synchronicities …. greetings from Vienna!

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. J. A. Panian sagt:

        Thank you kindly! And yes–me too. I will share it as soon as I can. I can see that we seem to share wavelengths of many kinds–musical too.

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      2. J. A. Panian sagt:

        And visual wavelengths as well, it would seem–love the soft, sleepy feel of the image here.

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      3. Thank you very much, it’s simply wind in leaves … amazing thing …

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      4. J. A. Panian sagt:

        Simple is best. I thought as much. You inspired me today to take my camera with me on a walk to the library. I have not been shooting much of late. Much needed boost.

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      5. Love to hear (read) that :o)! Wish you a great (simple) day, simply the best!

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